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I love the Last of us one was an instant classic you like The Last of Us one yeah it's good formula Joel and Ellie that's a winning duo right there.

Relations With Previous Part :

The Last of Us two to the Last of Us - by its title it's the sequel to The Last of Us came out in 2013 seven years ago time flies so now we have the Last of Us - it's four years later Ellie is it's a coming-of-age story for Ellie I feel like I'm getting right into it but spoiler-free it's gonna be really hard talking about this game with no spoilers but that's what this article is this a spoiler-free so I'm gonna have to do a spoiler talk for it to really dive into it.

If you played The Last of Us one you can jump right into the gameplay it's not exact Oh new mechanic you get to go prone now to hide from enemies I'm glad they implemented a mechanic that Metal Gear 2 had in 1990 it's pretty much the same but bigger and longer so a lot more walking around and scrounging for parts that actually did get old usually I talk about what I liked in the game what I didn't but since we're on the subject yeah going around opening drawers and scrounging for parts is most of what again I know you did that in the first one but maybe that's wise cause like I did that in the first one now I'm doing it in here and at a point I was like I am done scrounging for garbage but I kept doing it I don't know if it was just because I was conditioned or I actually wanted to upgrade my stuff but I was at a point I was like I just want to kill monsters and get to the end of this story but I don't think it's necessarily good for a game to evoke that kind of response to the game or gaming in the world but that's what happened got a little tedious at parts.

Gameplay Visuals & Mechanics :

Ellie is out there she's on a quest you play as Ellie for half the game then you play as a character named Abby and now we have the Last of Us 2 which takes place in Seattle funny enough so I actually had fun because Pacific Northwest that's me so I had fun seeing what they got right what looks similar what looks different I mean not just different because it's destroyed it's the apocalypse welcome to Chaz although sometimes I was like how long is this apocalypse been going on to get what trees have grown in the streets that's a bus stop how did trees grow in the streets apocalypse in this game has been going on for 20 years it looks more than 200, I digress it actually does look very similar to the Seattle Convention Center though that should be the Cheesecake Factory right there but I get it licensing issues feel like we're getting a little off track here point is you play as Ellie and a new character named Abby I now enter a lot of what's very similar in terms of gameplay from the Last of Us one.

I'm telling you the graphics in this game we're in the final timeframe of this console generation so, They know how to make it look like business The Last of Us - does look like business and with that comes the atmosphere in the tone that's really what I love most about The Last of Us it's Resident Evil which The Last of Us one came out when Resident Evil turned into action games Capcom was like now people like action they don't like survival horror anymore and the Last of Us was like hey hate to tell you you're wrong but you are and now Resident Evil's gone back to survival horror so it looks like Resident Evil it looks like The Last of Us is survival horror with great atmosphere great tones some of these monsters just kind of scurry across the ground and stalk you'd use your flashlight down this dingy ass hallway looks like Silent Hill a hotel and now you're in it for nothing else gameplay wise it's a fun stealth game it's just really fun going around stealth killing enemies sure they're idiots a lot of the time and they lack any sense of peripheral vision but Ellie's probably better known to the locals as Baba Yaga because holy her body count is business I just felt badass going around stealth killing douchebags although this one's that's a headshot okay how big you are actually there's one scene in particular one of these fights where you got to push the button at the right time and dodge and attack and this thing is messy it gets nasty and by the end you have the answer to that question what I know look at these scars.

As I played The Last of Us - long story short I really enjoy my time in the world of The Last of Us and that's where we come to that double-edged sword thing whereas Ellie story is much more linear going from point A to point B Abby's story is the story that actually takes me around and lets me see more of this world I so enjoy which I feel like there might have been some skillful manipulation right there to have you accept this new character and want to play as a be because right out the gate Abi's kind of starting out on the wrong foot with you because Abby did a bad bad thing spoiler-free wait for the spoiler talks so I feel like there was a very conscious effort to go okay Ellie's story a little more linear just going from point A to point B Abby we get to see more of the world it's a little more interesting the world you see through Abby's eyes is more interesting it has more to do with the different factions and the conflicts among them.

My Personal Experience :

I appreciate that however not only does the game feel a little tedious and you scrounging for trinkets and trash to make gear and bombs and get pills to get upgrades but the game kind of feels uneven you play as Ellie's arc and that arc is coming to a head and then halfway through the game, it's like alright now you're Abby and it kind of feels like it does this control-alt-delete of momentum the momentum is climbing with Ellie and then boom you're back at the beginning I mean not Ellie's beginning but now it's Abby's story but you start out having to search for gear again and get gun upgrades again it's kind of like imagine you go through three days of an event doing something whatever it is you pick and then after day three you wake up it was all a dream you got to do it again but it felt like that it just you feel the momentum just grind to a halt I get why they're doing it though they're doing it for reasons I can't really touch on here the reasons the concepts are not as new I think it is I mean questions they want the audience the gamer to ask and experience these are age-old questions that have been in countless movies and play books TV shows doesn't quite stick the landing for me I felt like I was playing The Last of Us three like there's an entire other game out there that took place in between 1 and 2 that I just missed,d in the en,d it's like the director of The Last of Us - NeilDruckmann sadly yeah I'm expecting this to divide the fanbase I feel like I'm paraphrasing but he said something like that which is always it's a funny thing when I hear that only in entertainment can you hear someone be like yeah I'm totally cool with just 50% of people saying that I get doing things that where you're like that'll take a small hit but being cool of 50 is just crazy but he is not wrong and I feel like this could have actually worked out better for me personally anyway there'd a lot of people out there who love this game

The Final Verdict :

I myself enjoyed things about it but I I enjoyed the last of us one more just maybe I'm just a traditionalist I just fundamentally think the Last of Us one was in the pocket it was just a tighter story that's that the graphics are great the atmosphere is really good survival horror the world looks gorgeous have not destroyed the battle mechanics I enjoyed the scrounging gets a little tedious and in the end, I felt the ending was just a bit anticlimactic to me just was for the ending it's not just that it's long it's long-winded you know like it's a speech that someone has and they're taking forever and you're like all right you made your point and then they keep talking and you're like all right your point just kind of got lost that's the ending to the Last of Us - at a point if it just cut right there but like that's the end it would have been fine then it went on for so long I was like all right now I'm just I'm kind of not buying this you'll either enjoy it just fine or hate it entirely because of a direction it takes at a point pretty early on there's enjoyment in here gameplay-wise I'll say it's worth buying at a stale price all right that's the spoiler-free stuff on to the spoiler review that'll come around Friday ish not enough Friday weekend you know the worst thing about this game seriously like the thing I had the hardest time with was killing the dogs or dogs that could sniff out your trail you gotta you gotta take the dogs out I hate it's the worst part of the entire game it's this Neil Druckman is a cat person that's what I learned I actually respect how dark and real that was but still poor dogs alright so the last of us to have you played it what did you think about it No spoilers in the comment section please please Its a humble request.

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