HONEST Beta Impressions | Marvel's Avengers Beta Review By Error69Pro

Yo what's going on marvel fans it's your boy GamingNest and today we're going to be talking about my first impressions on the marvel avengers beta now first I want to start off by saying I absolutely loved the beta it was so much fun to play finally getting my hands on a playing the multiplayer exploring the Helicarrier and much much more now that being said I am going to break this down into a couple different categories and talk about different segments of the game what I enjoyed. What I didn't enjoy and things that I kind of noticed through my entire playthrough that being said don't forget to like up the video share the video out hit the notification bell and let me know what you guys think in the comments down below about the marvel avengers beta but if you guys are ready to let's dive in now.

The Gameplay & Its Mechanics :

First, I want to start by talking about the beta story now as you play you have to complete a couple of different things before you can hop over to the award table first thing being a day segment which seemed to be pretty cropped up and chopped up so it's not too long but long enough for you to play with each character and I've got to say it was absolutely fantastic playing a store he is strong he's powerful and he could really pack a punch switching over to the iron man he is fantastic to play the flying is something you'll have to get used to just a little bit as it is a little bit different from some other games and their flying mechanics but nonetheless was fun to do tons of combos repulsor blasts unit beams and much more then that leads you over to hulk.

Who was tons of fun to play with now i did have a little bit of frame issues from jumping to spot to spot when it came to the actual beta so hopefully that's something that gets fixed in the eight day segment of the full game but nonetheless hulk was brooding strong and i love jumping around and smashing with him all over the map which leaves me next to captain america who was absolutely one of the most best parts for me to play within the entire beta he was fun smooth takedown's great and i enjoyed his entire segment i had no frame drops during his section it was just nothing but a masterpiece when i played as him and black widow was really really fun now the only thing was i'm not sure if i was doing something wrong but during the actual eight days segment of black widow when i was dodging taskmaster i kept doing it over and over and over i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be that long as nothing was really happening but nonetheless the a day segment was fantastic and i can't wait to experience the full effect of what happened during a day next up i'll dive more into gameplay.

Presentation Of the Game :

For the most part, the gameplay was actually pretty smooth there wasn't too many hiccups or anything like that again there was a couple of frame drops with a couple scenes in different missions even on the war table doing those, and I did have a couple glitches alongside some of my friends who had a couple glitches but that's nothing I can't get polished or even ironed out right before the full game comes out next up I'll talk about the online and offline mode so first, I want to talk about offline as it seems to be pretty good again I had a couple of frame issues but again nothing that we can't iron out more focusing in on the online perspective online actually the matchmaking was a little bit wonky as I kept trying to invite people but it kept kicking me and then I invite someone they get in we started up it kicked them again so there's a little bit of tuning they could do with the actual matchmaking.
As i was having quite a bit of issues with that even with people that i did add on playstation or added me first and sent me friend requests sometimes it would kick me out take me all the way back to the main menu or even take me back to the actual war table where kamala and bruce banner was but honestly i can say overall the ui was really nice easy to work with very customizable and i think with just a little bit of polishing on kind of getting that matchmaking right it will be absolutely fantastic as they are working on this actively so they can have a great first day day one connections when it comes to the online perspective next up i want to talk to you guys about the progression of the game and your characters the game feels pretty fast paced and really smooth for the most part each character does level up fairly quickly without seeming too quick so you're not actually kind of rushing through the game but long enough to where you can grind up just a little bit finding gears and weapon will actually just depend on how much you want to explore all the maps these maps are freaking cute and give you tons of options to search around check chest and not to mention they're in the sky they're in the sea and they're on the land and no i did not find any water chest.

Overall the progression felt really nice and it felt easy to add on and take away different equipment and gear not to mention buy brand new abilities to add on to your avenger to make your character in your own specific way and last but not least is just rounding out my entire time on the beta the marvel avengers beta was absolutely great in my opinion I would say it was really fantastic overall I would give it an 8 out of 10 with a couple minor fixes in actual ironing out the small little details this game can be absolutely a 10 out of 10 hitter if you really enjoy the marvel avengers and the way the game is set up I truly believe this game could be amazing which is fixing that little bit of things and I'm going, to be honest for you this even made me more hype as a fan who is excited about this game even more excited for the full game to release.

The Final Verdict :

I've seen a lot of people who actually was not a big fan of the game mechanics graphics or whatever you have they are excited for the game as well a lot of people have converted over saying they want to get themselves day one copies of marvel's avengers so squarenix crystal dynamics if you guys are watching this video thank you guys for an amazing beta and i cannot wait to play the other beta weekends after this this was absolutely fantastic keep up the good work give us amazing content and i will be here for it as i cannot wait to dive more into the marvel avengers beta when it actually comes out and of course the full game to play all the amazing story mode and play with those fantastic marvel characters also if you guys did enjoy the video don't forget to give it a like share the video out and let me know what you guys think in the comments down below of the marvel avengers beta as you guys actually had some great feedback when i posted the poll saying you really enjoyed the beta and so did i i will see you guys next time thank you for watching this been your boy infamous and i am out 

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