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Microsoft flight simulator it worth by let's read the words before I crash the plane from light planes to wide-body jets fly highly detailed and accurate aircraft in the next generation of Microsoft flight simulator test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living world before we start guys um I was given a key from Microsoft uh for this game it came a bit late just I really got to play the game today but I've been hammering it all there and uh yeah this is what I think of it we'll start with the options :

Gameplay & The LIFE OF THE GAME - Graphics :

First guys it has a ton of graphical options a ton of game options a ton of flight assist options a ton of controller and there's far too many to evenstart going through there is that there's pages and pages and pages of them guysyou can turn everything on andeverything off you can have this as complicatedor as easy as you like and i'm acomplete noob and i was coping admirably on medium with like half the flight things on and half of them off you can tailor them exactly the way you want as well graphically it looks fantastic it looks absolutelyamazing this game unfortunatelyit runs like an asthmatic pregnant three-legged hippothat's just been shot by some bookshot in its only one working real legand this is a shame guys i mean the recommended specs for this game are laughable mine's way higher i'm running a 99 900and a 20 80 graphics card with 32 gig of rather rather ram when i go over the cities it's dropping to sometimes 20 to 30 frames a second with highs of about 45 frames a secondwhich is not great when i'm out of the city and just over the countryside.

I have had over 100 frames a second this is running on 1080pfor the benefit of this video though guys i just kept it at 1080p on with vsync onjust to make the rendering easier for us and yeah it was running absolutely fine over the the countryside but in the cities it was justit was just a slug so make sure make sure your specs are good enough to run thisi would say you need a minimum of 16 gig of ram for thisit does see it will do i can't i can't possibly see how that could happen with the base pack that i have i've got 20 planes guys two of them arecommercial airlinesi've got three uh propeller planes that are rather fast i don't know what theproper name of them is and there's 14 other propeller airplanes and one uh kind of jet which is awesome the jet it's just greatthe cessna jet is just i love itabsolutely love it i've flown almost all of them guys from alli've been all over the world today all over the world i've flown in real generously in christ the redeemer the giza pyramids i've flown over that enormous volcanonear tokyo i've landed at lax in the dark i've took off fromgf k in the dark i've flown right round thescottish 500 highland driveit's just i've been everywhere guys i've done all kinds of crazy thingsi started off taking flight lessons so this is this littletutorial with a little shitty plane but it shows you it's a valuable lesson um that i think everybody's gonna need to take just to get there well noteverybody butpeople like me need to take just to get the kind of bearings in the game.

The realism of Game :

Once I got out of that was away in the other planes and you know it's I've played a lot of these type of games so I knew a little but I'm not a great pilot by any means but after about five or six hours I was doing some crazy between the uh skyscrapers of Tokyo which I'm sure I would lose my av aviation license for if I did Ireland also I learned to fly in storms I took off from cape town guys, uh just to show you the graphics in a storm and I shot myself honestly I could not believe the difference it makes I was flying blind I didn't know where the windscreen wipers were so I couldn't switch them on and I couldn't see a freaking thing guys and I was literally heading for a mountain I just looked at the artificial horizon and realized I was going to crash and was pulling up and full throttling for everything that it was worth it was terrifying.

The buffeting the turbulence it's amazing this game absolutely amazing and the thing that makes it amazing guys is like I said I've seen all these great things today but it uses bing maps so essentially you can go anywhere in the world you like anywhere on this planet and it'll be live with live weather they live day and night cycle that's happening right now and also live air traffic I mean my goodness guys isn't that amazing it's incredible now obviously as you get closer to the ground you'll get some flat horrible textures but most of them look great even from relatively low-level flying but when you get really low you can see some really awful textures and my flying was so bad I got very low usually while traveling at about the speed of sound and in a nosedive guys but I did get the hang of it I did learn to take off and landed. 
I even guys took off in a Boeing 747full of passengers on the way to their holidays and I switched all the flight aids off and actually took off myself I was so freaking proud none of them made it to the holiday destination of course I crashed about one minute 20 seconds later whilst trying to turn too sharply but he still took off the game also has challenges that you can do with leaderboards so you can get the best landing um it's certainly difficult tricky runways with certain tricky weather and wind going on which is fun me though I just absolutely love just exploring that big bad world out there.

The Final Verdict :

It's just amazing you can go anywhere you like guys and you can see all the sites that are there girl's I can't get my head around how good this is it's just phenomenal and it's getting VR when this gets what how is that even what I don't even I can't you know what I'm saying so so guys there it is just an absolutely phenomenal flight simulator mod of course by the way that it runs also the download took about eight hours or something it was horrible and it needs a Microsoft Xbox account to run it so there are some bad things in there as well but I'm sure this game is going to get again the fact I know it's going to get a load of updates because, I've just been reading them there's a huge long road map for this game and you can buy extra planes as well that's coming out and I'm sure these frame drops are going to get fixed they're not going to release a game this good and just not fix things a lot of people are having problems with it it's getting review bummed on steam which you know it's going to get review bombed on steam, so I absolutely adore this game but a lot of people are having real problems but I'm sure over the coming weeks they will get fixed so there you go, guys, Microsoft flight sim 2020definitely worth buying

Minimum specs
  • Operating System: Windows 10.
  • ProcessorIntel i5-4460 | AMD Ryzen 3 1200.
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM.
  • Video card: NVIDIA GTX 770 | AMD Radeon RX 570.
  • Hard drive: 150 GB available space.
  • Sound: Sound card, speakers, or headset.
  • Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse or compatible game controller (Xbox One Controller for Windows)

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