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 sometimes it's really weird to stop and think that Minecraft came out almost ten years ago yeah seriously in just a couple of months they're gonna be celebrating their 10th anniversary of when Minecraft initially came out on the PC and honestly this game grew into such a huge legacy in its own right in skyrocketed the mediums of so many different types of creators across the board not only on YouTube but in the gaming industry and merchandising industry as a whole Minecraft truly was a game that people of all ages could get on and enjoy and it definitely earned all of the success that it had fostered over the years.

Nowadays when we revisit games like minecraft it seems like that twinkle or that very special feeling you had when you played minecraft back in the day isn't really there anymore and we thought it'd be really interesting to do a retrospective on minecraft now that it's been almost 10 years so I'm here playing it since 2009 when it originally came out and we're gonna take a look back at minecraft 10 years later and what it holds today let's get into it as we already mentioned minecraft came out in 2009 which is almost ten years ago and back in 2009 it was just in as alpha state there wasn't a whole lot it's like a bare-bones sandbox game but nonetheless such a simple concept back then already in 2009 when there wasn't any end or there wasn't any creative mode it was already such a creative experience and you could just do whatever you want there was just no specific goals you had to accomplish but somehow the game managed to keep your interest even in these early alpha stages I remember my very first experience was I didn't know what the heck was going on and I just like for a straight week I didn't understand the game.

About Gameplay & My Experience :

I didn't know what a workbench is so I just build everything out of wood and dirt because those were the only two blocks I couldn't mind without destroying them and then you know back then there was no Minecraft Wiki or no tutorial you just had to kind of figure it out and it was just such a unique and awesome experience and once I got started with bringing out all the workbench stuff mining all the ores building this filling that that's when the game really got addicting and there's so many fun memories I have of this another memory from the Alpha is that the game only costed like 10 euro which was crazy at that time because you didn't have as many indie games here yes there was already good indie games coming up again but there were just few and minecraft was even lower priced and a normal indie game and for just ten dollars you had this game that you could play with your friends you could put hours upon hours into the game and have to freedom no other game could offer you at that time but even though I played in an alpha I gotta say things really kicked off in 2010 or early 2011 when the beta came out was to beta the game got a lot more exposure and a lot more players came in and it lasted for a year I think until the end of 2011 when the full release came in which was even a bigger thing than the beta so you know with the beta or some new players came in.

When the release came out that's when the crazy stuff started happening like you had all these mods and game modes coming out and had these youtubers being hugely popular you could listen to minecraft songs and ironically and all the stuff that seems like it was ages ago now so at the end of 2012 they started making bigger updates you had the brady scary update which was worse than 1.4 you had the redstone update which was worse than 1.5 I believe did the horse update which was version 1.6 we had the update that changed the world which was version 1.7 and I think in 2015 they had a bountiful update which was version 1.8 which is probably when most people like me stopped playing but in between those 2 or 3 years from 2011 to 2014 and 15 you had hypixel which is one of the most popular video game servers of all time and also hypixel is a video game studio you know and they're gonna release hightails sometime soon and they just started as a minecraft server holster you had Hunger Games you had sky wars you had super craft Bros which was a Super Smash clone it was super fun back in the day and it was a huge deal when it came out in 2013 I was made by the youtuber safe playing I believe you just had everything working together youtubers making videos about marks making videos about servers making their own creative content and just there was so much you could enjoy and you felt part of a huge community elijah will get into the console pardon a little bit but first of all on pc there was just so much stuff to do.

I still can't believe it all these years later once you got over the regular survival mode building a city with your friends you could play much like hexa techid the ether mod which had like two versions cuz the first version was never finished I believe and I don't know if the second version ever got finished but you could set up your own servers played all these mods with your friends and they would extend the playtime the replay value of the game by a huge amount and then also there was like custom maps you could download and play like the dropper which were like adventure maps they would be made by other people and other creators and they would include a story or include puzzles or include parkour sections I could probably go on and on with all the experiences I had with Minecraft for example I remember one time there was a monster cat charity concert so they set up a whole bunch of servers you could join the servers with like a hundred other people and then you could see like monster kid play life in Minecraft which you know was kind of unique at that time and now that I think about is little cringy they would have like skydoesminecraft come on stage and like everybody would like oh this is just like a real concert but they did it in fortnight just a few months ago when I don't know what the guys name is the EDM guy with the weird head not that Mouse the other one this is where the idea came from I feel like the PC version of Minecraft was its own experience completely detached from all the other versions of Minecraft you had over the years.

I will always have fond memories of this time switching gears my first minecraft experience actually wasn't until minecraft was released on the Xbox 360 before that 360 release all we had was Castle miners II and you know what in its own right it was pretty fun but minecraft definitely was a huge deal when it came out and it rapidly became a standard for anyone who was playing xbox back in those days I remember having a lot of fun jumping into my friends servers who were playing Survival and trying to fight against and survive the night with all of the mobs crawling around however I decided from my own server I was just gonna have a peaceful world where you could build and just kind of do your own thing and it became actually a really popular server amongst my friends just because I was a constantly playing so they could join whenever and it was just a change of pace where you could kind of go spelunking for diamond or build your own house in a little city that we had on our seed matter of fact even after all of these years later I still have my very first Minecraft world from back then when this game came out and it was my only Minecraft world I really truly played on I recently transferred it on to the PC so that's what you're seeing right now but it definitely was a community project where people worked on their houses or these larger projects and when minecraft creative mode hit xbox360 it was game changing for a server like mine and a ton of people put a lot of effort into just doing something huge we started with one town and branched out to another and put a train system that connected all of the towns together and by the end of us playing Minecraft and us building literally everything that we could imagine we had multiple towns in different areas of our world and it was really cool so what happened to Minecraft after all of these years yes the numbers of Minecraft players is continuing to grow especially with Minecraft being available in new markets where gaming is relatively new and different places of the world are getting access to minecraft.

For the first time but why don't we hear about Minecraft as often as we did I mean it was the biggest thing on YouTube for multiple years and all of a sudden it just seems like interest has kind of dropped off or it's not as popular as it once was I think one major thing to account for is the fact that minecraft is very much a game that you experience mostly on the first time you play the game this game offers so much and it's such a unique experience that can really only be captured one time sure you can always start another world or play in a different type of server but that first time that you play the game and you build a dirt house just so you can survive a night or you complete a town or you find diamond for the first time or you figure out how to build a portal to the nether or you reach the end it's all contained to kind of your first experience on the game once you've done everything there's nothing new or fresh to make you feel like you're having that first feeling of exploration minecraft had some really great longevity over the years because the game was so chocked full of these first-time experiences that you had you could play the game for years and still not run out of new things you haven't experienced and I think for a lot of people who loved minecraft that's what they did they played the game for years exploring different worlds different servers different mods different games that were out there and really did experience most of what minecraft had to offer and by the time.

Minecraft kind of started to lose interest from the regular gamers of the world it's just because the game ran its course a great game nonetheless and it fostered a ton of awesome friendships over the years and collaborations with having to build and work together to survive which was really cool but at the end of the day the experience was kind of something special the first time you play it I think minecraft will always have that legacy and I'll always have people playing the game and going back to it in the same way that Pokemon was hugely popular in the late 90s and fans of the series still exists today and still follow Pokemon today because it's a part of their childhood and the games are still fun to play even after all these years or to other people it's Halo or Call of Duty they have their game franchises that were special to them at a certain point in their life and they continue to follow them even though they're maybe not as big as they once were I feel like minecraft was that but to an even larger extreme because it was a whole era of gamers across the board playing the game and not just a niche group.

Its really cool and it led the way for other games to have similar success with being more of a social phenomenon and less than just a game that you play we saw later games like five nights at Freddy's become huge because of the YouTube community covering it and roblox and now fortnight it's kind of the same thing the first time you played a battle royale game was a unique experience and each time you play a battle royale games slowly the experience fades less and less as you begin to win more it doesn't become as new of an experience we feel like minecraft kind of was the same way nonetheless minecraft it definitely is a masterpiece in its own right and deserves everything that it's had it coming for it especially with the legacy that it left on the gaming community as a whole never have we had a game focused on building be so interesting and a lot of games have incorporated that idea of building and creating things and really taking it to the next level so does his game hold up in 2019 the answer's yes if you've never played the game it's such an awesome experience if you play it for the first time but even for me who played the game for like four or five years almost every day I took a little break now and it's been like four or five years since I played the game last so before this review I came back and played a little more of it.

The Final Verdict :

I gotta say it's kind of fascinating me again I feel like the break was long enough and there's a lot of new stuff and there's a lot of new servers so I'm gonna go and play a little bit of minecraft again if we had to give the game rating and probably be an A or a minus or even a plus something along those lines there's some negative stuff about it now like that and microtransactions to it and feels kind of off at some points when you see like Disney monetizing Star Wars skins in Minecraft and you're just like okay but the base experience when you buy the game is still there you can still build whatever you want you can still do whatever you want you can still play every game mode you want or even play any mark you want that part of the game is still there all these years later and it will hopefully never go away just game still real win anyways that's our video for today we really hope you enjoyed it let us know in the comments down below what's your experience with Minecraft.

Minecraft System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • VIDEO CARD: Integrated: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.41Discrete: Nvidia GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series with OpenGL 4.4
  • FREE DISK SPACE: At least 1 GB for Game Core and Other Files

Minecraft Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5

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