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Just a week after introducing the gaming community to a sprawling and expansive open world in the form of Watchdogs: Legion, it seems that Ubisoft aims to offer us little respite before they introduce us to their newest creation that is jaw-dropping both in scale and in visual splendor. We swap hacking for hacking and slashing and board our longboats as we dive into the next installment in the Assassins Creed series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This title will continue the trend of recent iterations such as Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, promising a game that is packed with content, vast areas to explore, interesting characters, and new mechanics that aim to bring back the stealth mechanics that made the series so popular many years ago, all be it with a new look and feel more in line with modern gaming’s standards.


The game is authentic and while this can be a burden for many game series, Assassins Creed has always found success in telling the real stories in compelling ways, so for that, you have to give them credit. Back To Its Roots While the changes in impetus and format that Odyssey and Origins brought to the series were much-needed ones, it’s fair to say that those games felt like complete departures from the original cast of titles. This was admittedly what the series needed at the time and the glossy new coat of paint done wonders for bringing fans back to the series. However, it seems that Ubisoft wants to bring backs some of the old tropes in some shape or form. The first that we noticed was the ability for the player to rely on stealth much more in this title. Along with instant kill moves that allow players to kick foes off ledges in Baldur's Gate 3 fashion, the game also allows players to perform instant assassinations akin to that of Altair and Ezio in the initial AC titles. It’s a welcome addition that not only opens up a brand new playstyle option but also brings a sense of familiarity to the title, perfect for players who may be coming back to the series after some time away.

Gameplay and Storyline :

However, the question remains does AC: Valhalla succeeds in delivering on these promises. We find out as we review Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Blurring The Lines Of Fiction and Reality In our recent review of Watchdogs Legion, which if you haven’t checked out, you should, we were quick to praise both the setting and visuals as the highlight of the title. So unsurprisingly, in AC: Valhalla, the visuals are once again the star of the show. As you explore the enormous map of Valhalla, you’ll be treated to incredible natural vistas, dynamic weather changes, architecture in keeping with the stunning middle age England setting. Plus, while on the topic of the setting, Ubisoft has absolutely knocked this out of the park. The intricate details that are historically accurate to the time period such as the ruins of the roman empire scattered across the landscape or the way that the developers represent the Viking clans without succumbing to stereotypes or hamming things up in a Hollywood fashion.

In true Viking fashion, you will lead your clan of warriors to an unsuspecting settlement and aim to murder and besiege this area in search of raw materials for your base and new loot for your character. These moments are hands down the most intense and gripping within the entire title with an emphasis on the larger structures like castle’s which will require a massive assault to claim as your own. What also has to be commended about the story is what it will allow future titles to do. Valhalla’s predecessors only served to further complicate proceedings, adding more and more depth and loose ends to tie from Desmond’s timeline, the templars, and other aspects of older titles. However, this title decides to stop this endless cycle of chasing their own tail and wipes the slate clean for new stories to blossom without the burden of being chased into a corner with nowhere to go. It has built a solid foundation for future titles, yet still tells its own unique story beautifully and for that, we can only praise this one. Ambition Creates Problems Sadly, for all the great moments brought about by the developer’s ambition, there are moments of frustration and boredom that come in this package. Firstly, we have the combat system that is one note for the majority of the title. The frustrating thing about this combat scheme is that after twenty-plus hours when you unlock all your abilities and perks, it’s a fluid, varied and action-packed system. However, for the hours before this, it’s a very one-note experience with little more variety than hitting and blocking, making it a chore. We understand that this may have been to make the player feel like their character grew from a novice into a full-blown badass, but sacrificing fun to do that is never a good trade-off. Plus, we need to talk about the bugs present in this game at launch. Much like WDL last week, we will likely see a patch that will sort a lot of these issues out. However, at the moment there are physics issues, AI malfunctions, quest breaking errors, random floating assets, and even some moments that will completely crash the game. The successes of the game are enough to see the player allow for the shortcomings of this one and soldier on but for a franchise of this statute, it’s rather disappointing.

Game Mechanics and Presentation :

The other key changes to the gameplay are sadly not as well implemented. Take the skill tree for example. While the perks that the player can gain are often very useful, they really only amount to start upgrades which seem superficial and thanks to this, it’s very easy to lose interest in building your character. Plus, when using this menu, you’ll be building the character’s stats blind. When compared to the Skyrim skill tree for example that allowed the player to see what we’re working toward. In AC Valhalla, you’ll only see those you have unlocked and the immediate group you are working on. It takes the control away from the player and makes character leveling feel like a lottery which is far from what you want in an open-world RPG. Odin Is With Us Now we move onto the story for this title. After delivering back to back narrative successes in the last two outings, the pressure was on to make this one another blockbuster, especially with this one being arguably the best historical and geographical setting on the three. Thankfully, this game not only delivers but also excels in comparison to its predecessors. The voice acting is superb as is to be expected, the writing is strong as well for both the main plotline and the side quests and set pieces are equal parts dramatic and spectacular to behold. The most compelling aspect, be it the story, missions or the characters you encounter has to be the raids you’ll go on.

The Final Verdict :

The Verdict Score: 8/10 Overall, we have to say that this is one of the most satisfying AC titles to date. In terms of story, it offers a compelling one that ties up any loose ends and sets up a sequel free from the burdens of past title’s storylines. The visuals are top of the range as is to be expected. The missions are fun and varied, the optional content is fun and plentiful and the map is full of interesting areas to explore. So as an open-world RPG, it checks a lot of boxes. However, where this game falls short is the fighting mechanics, the character building and leveling system, and the litany of bugs that the player will encounter on launch day. However, as a whole, we can say that this title perhaps comes the closest to reaching the heights of the best titles in the series such as Black Flag or AC2 and this will be much more prevalent in the coming weeks when Ubisoft patch out the major technical issues. It’s far from perfect but it’s well worth your time and money in our book! So that is our review of AC Valhalla.

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