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A possible GTA 6 hint cyberpunk's getting sued again and our pokemon snap wishlist roll thing a patent filed by take-two interactive might be giving us our first glimpse into what to expect in GTA 6. The patent application titled system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment was filed by rockstar's parent company take 2 in April 2019 and was recently discovered by Reddit users the system described within was developed by rockstar's lead AI programmer Simon parr and David hind rockstar's associate director of technology already the new system and what it could mean for our gameplay it's designed to create quote a realistic world that is not limited by hardware and software limitations this is in response to conventional systems that aren't able to produce the kind of NPC behaviors players expect due to limits of current processor and memory bandwidth.

This is specifically concerning traffic behavior a particular note is that the system means quote each NPC can define its own specific characteristics and traversing the road notes these characteristics include understanding acceleration breaking time and distances top speeds and cornering speeds NPCs and ai systems would be able to use all of these characteristics to generate more lifelike drivers on the roads of a video game world any guesses which one it's super possible, that this system is for grand theft auto 6.

The project isn't mentioned in the patent, but I understand that GTA 6 is currently in development, so it's not unreasonable to assume new tech is being produced for the game another curious line in the patent explains the system is for quote virtual navigation and management of objects in a multiplayer network gaming community if this system has been designed for a multiplayer game you have to wonder if grand theft auto 6 will be an online experience or maybe rockstar is just really upping the ante with GTA online details do refer to Xbox one and ps4 consoles instead of the next-gen machines that GTA 6 would presumably be released on but maybe rockstar is trying to find a way to compensate for the hardware limitations of previous-gen consoles so we don't run into another cyberpunk issue.

If I freaked you out about GTA 6 being an online experience don't worry too much the system is described to work via a cloud network communicating with player consoles so there's a chance that the game isn't multiplayer only but might just always need to be connected to the internet to provide the processing for NPC behavior basically this patent outlines a system that would create more realistic traffic patterns which yes sounds less than stimulating but think about what that would add to police chases and the overall game to have NPCs who understand and react in real ways the patent notes that current NPC systems only allow for a predetermined number of NPC controlled cars and that quote player of a video game would expect to see more than a predetermined number of NPC controlled cars in a video game for a realistic experience sounds pretty cool. I know patents aren't the sexiest thing out there but I will take what I can get considering rockstar has been extremely tight-lipped about GTA 6.

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