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This is my brutally honest review for little nightmares 2 I want to start this just by saying that this is now my game of the year this is the best thing I've played in all of 2021 and it is just so good because it sets out to do something and it absolutely accomplishes it in gaming these days I feel like we have a bit of a problem with giant budgets but no heart and soul if you're playing a game that they spent a billion dollars creating it feels like it just has such a blandness to it they're trying to appease everybody whether it be the call of duty or avengers these games just don't really stand out.

Game's Concept + Introduction :
So where i've kind of drawn myself to is lately i feel like horror games are doing the most to try and experiment and change the methods well little nightmares 2 it goes above and beyond this game is so demented it is so screwed up that it genuinely gave me nightmares let's try and break this game down into pieces and see what makes it so special and try and see what parts of it i wish were just a tiny bit better if you enjoyed this video please give it a like and subscribe if you haven't already but now let's start off by digging into the gameplay now if you've never tried the first little nightmares these are almost a digital version of hide and seek you're trying to creep through these oversized environments with giant cannibals that want to grab you and eat your delicious flesh and in order to avoid them you need to really think outside the box you need to try and sneak you need to try and creep around and sometimes do a lot of puzzle solving in a very panicked state now the reason this works so well.

Specifically which is the arts because I feel like in this world what makes it the most unnerving what makes you feel so unsettled during the entire hours of this experience is the fact that something here feels just completely amiss like one of the things that really hit me is that a lot of these environments are just too big some lockers are stretched out there's scribbles on the wall that kind of convey that at some points children lived and played here sometimes you'll walk into a room and there's just a noose with a pair of empty clothes hanging off it like everything in this game is an unspoken story it kind of conveys that while your nightmare is going on right now a lot of other people have managed to die along the way.

Gameplay & Mechanics :

The biggest thing about it is that this game gives you the perfect amount of control there really isn't that many buttons there's run there's crouch there's grab and that's pretty much it if you're able to grab a vent you can rip it open or sometimes grab a ledge to pull yourself up but a lot of this is just kind of using whatever the situation provides sometimes it's just a matter of throwing yourself off a cliff and hoping your little partner here in the raincoat can save you or times where you're just trying to climb up a bunch of beds that are floating in the middle of this abyss everything about this is so spooky but it also keeps you centered i feel like this does the perfect amount of it gives you the options to keep in command this game manages to walk that incredibly difficult line of giving you enough strength to feel powerful and yet simultaneously very powerless like times i was trying to go along i'd solve a bunch of puzzles in a row and i felt great and then suddenly they dropped me into a roman locket and all i have is a hammer to defend myself against a bunch of creepy moving dolls i totally respect the fact that this game manages to make you feel just so completely alone even though you are in this world with a little buddy now i want to talk about the part of this project that definitely impressed me the most.

This is just a little nightmare in the grander context of a world gone completely mad and it absolutely works this is the kind of scares that transcend adulthood or childhood it kind of just explains to you the fact that what makes you afraid makes everybody afraid and i love that but the biggest thing is the monster design holy heck so the major thing in this game is that everything is broken down into chapters different environments from schools to forests to hospitals and as you're going through these now you're trying to solve puzzles and continue to progress but each of them has a major monster that's tracking you through it these are messed up now i don't want to show them to you all because it would be a spoiler but let's just look at something like the huge lady with a stretchy neck she will go anywhere she will look in every vent she will eventually find you and if she even manages to catch the tiniest glimpse of your coat she will instantly eat you like a freaking slim chip these mega monsters have the ability to turn up the tension of the gameplay to make it where it feels like if you make a mistake you're definitely going to pay the price and it is incredibly effective but it does bring me to the one thing i do want to complain about the one part of this game that i feel like does kind of drag it down the tiniest of bits which is the fact that this is an extremely trial and error experience at times there is definitely a correct path when you're trying to dodge enemies when you're trying to get out of an area there is a certain thing you're supposed to do and if you try and experiment or go a different way you're going to die now the way they try and fix this is that there's pretty much a checkpoint every 60 seconds that you're moving forward so as you find a new puzzle as you get to a new room it instantaneously saves it and lets you go back right there but the problem with this is that a couple times i'd get stuck almost in a death loop where i'd fight an enemy i'd mess up the one tiny strike i die and then i'm right back at the beginning of that room while this checkpoint system is very good at making it where you're not repeating just big chunks of the level.

The Final Verdict :

My issue is that at times it makes the experience feel too locked in too rigid I felt like I was just part of an interactive play and I didn't really have a lot of choice in my actions I had to try and just commit the one thing they wanted me to do to keep moving but on the other side of the coin this does work part of the reason this is nice is that because they managed to corral you through this linear experience so tightly there's a lot of chances for it to freak you out like one of my favorite times is at one point I'm sneaking through a room and there were all these like mannequin skeleton things that only moved when they were in the darkness which meant that as I was using my flashlight I was having to constantly make sure these things did not grab me their motions were spooky hearing the clack of their wooden feet on the tile it was so freaking effective.

Little Nightmares II system requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770
  • File Size: 5 GB
  • OS: Windows 10

Little Nightmares II minimum requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2300
  • File Size: 5 GB
  • OS: Windows 10

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