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Let's talk about the latest Xbox game The Medium I was really looking forward to the medium because it kind of reminds me of silent hill 2 just an excellent third-person survival horror game with some psychological elements I was really looking forward to it and now that I've played it, I wish I had it it's not all bad though there are some good things about it and I'm going to go over those things now.

Storyline Of The Medium:

Now it's on to the bad stuff i personally thought the story and the characters are very uninteresting like from the moment I started playing all the way up until the first hour two hours three hours I'm just like let's just get it over with let's get on with it I didn't have any interest in the characters and i wasn't invested in the story I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible which is completely not what you want with a horror game you want the characters to be interesting you want the situation and you want the story to be interesting like silent hill 2 for example even though that game came out many many years ago long before the medium came out immediately it pulled you in because you get a letter from your dead wife to go to the silent hill and that's like wow how did this even happen I need to find out more but in this game, it's just like there's no incentive to continue it's just like hey some guy calls you and says come meet me over here and then you go over there and then you find out more about your past it's just it's not interesting at all and it didn't turn out to be a very good investment.

The dialogue is also terrible in this game, it's just look alike overly done they tried to throw in the f-bomb so many times just to make it seem more intense and more scary and more adult themed or whatever it is it just sounds terrible it doesn't sound natural and I ended up laughing every single time they used the f word in dialogue it just sounds stupid and unnatural like nobody talks like that come on now I have some other issues with the the game as well from a developer or from a game design standpoint uh one of them being the fact that you acquire two items near the beginning of the game which is the bolt cutters and the razor blade you use these two items throughout the entire game multiple times it's not like most games where it's like oh i have to you know cut through these chains to unlock this door to get to the next room you do that and then you do it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and it never freaking ends same thing with the razor blade you use it to cut down some flesh it's like human skin but it exists in the spirit world which is outside of the physical realm but somehow skin is still there it just doesn't make any sense it's just stupid and you cut through these little skin barriers multiple times throughout the game it's not like they have different applications like oh well now I'm going to cut through some skin and then later on in the game I'm going to cut through some like leather or just something weird something different you never get that experience it's just the same the thing over and over and over again and it's completely pointless like why make the player go through the same motions repeatedly another thing that's bad about this game is that for me personally, the game broke i actually died during one of the few segments in the game where you can actually, be killed and then whenever I tried to retry and continue and try again the game just took me to a black screen and nothing else it just didn't let me progress I had to start the whole game over which I decided not to do I didn't want to start the entire game over and replay the last like an hour and 20 minutes so I just watched a youtube video of a gameplay playthrough of the entire game for the remainder of the game just to see what happens because I know at that point after an an hour and a half of playing the game probably wouldn't get much better in terms of the way it played.

Mechanics and Graphical Presentation :

So the graphics and the sounds are good they serve the purpose well they look good they sound good the voice acting is also surprisingly good they weren't given excellent material to work with, but the voice actors and actresses did a good job with what they had the Akira Yamaoka soundtrack is good I don't know if he did all the songs in the game or just a few tracks but the ones that I recognized as being from him were good they weren't like a silent hill too good, but they were decent they did the job well, and I enjoyed them for what they were.

The split reality mechanic to be very annoying so on one side you have the physical world and on the other side you have the spirit world and it seemed like a pretty cool mechanic a pretty cool idea at first but in actuality and practicality, it's not a very good mechanic because to me personally, it totally broke the immersion it was like yep I'm playing a video game whenever I see two different worlds and they're side by side it's almost like looking at an interactive spot the The differences picture is really annoying and I just didn't care for it at all I would almost rather if they had like 100 all or the other or maybe a button to switch between the two that'd be kind of cool to switch between the physical and the spiritual world but make it take up the entire screen it just seemed like a kind of a cheap excuse to label it as a next-gen title for it to render two worlds simultaneously I didn't find anything impressive about it at all but yeah there's no threat of death from monsters there's like no enemies that's one thing that i really dislike about pretty much all the blueberry team titles is that there's really no threat of death there are no enemies that are going to kill you you don't have to worry about oh man at any second something dangerous could occur and I'm going to have to like run for my life fight for my life you never really get that feeling there are parts of the game where there are certain enemies that are static and they are only a threat because you walk into them but then you just press and hold like one button to fend off their attacks it requires no strategy whatsoever other parts in the game are what we call boss battles or boss encounters rather where you're either doing a stealth you're trying to hide from this person there's an entity and it's really annoying doing so because your character moves so slowly even the run is kind of like a light jog you would think if there's like eminent danger you'd be running a little bit faster so it was just kind of stupid and one of the The main enemies of this game are supposed to be really scary and kind of unsettling but I find it very comical kind of looks like a mix between slenderman the predator and that flying thing from house of the dead 2.

The Final Verdict :

So at this point, I'm just going to give it 3 out of 10. a 3 out of 10. that's my final score and the only reason it got that high is because of the few good things that I did mention at the very beginning and honestly, i shouldn't have gotten my hopes up so high for this game just because of the bluebird team's previous track record all their games have managed to be either terrible or mediocre there's nothing higher than that none of their games have really jumped out and redefined the horror experience or being a breakaway title they're all just kind of run-of-the-mill standard stuff but that's all I got for this. I almost didn't even want to post but I wanted to make sure that people knew what I thought about this game because I was looking so forward to it I felt obligated to make this review and share my thoughts uh honestly I would not buy this game personally at sixty dollars I think it's way overpriced it's not worth it it's not fun it's not good it's not a good horror game it's just not a good game period the mechanics are bad the dialogues bag I can't if you can find it on sale for like 10 or less than maybe give it a shot but I wouldn't pay more than that personally but that's all I got i don't want to make a bunch of negative about it just puts me in a bad mood and i want to be in a bad mood.

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