How to Claim Battlefield 1on Amazon Prime Gaming In India | Step By step Guide To Claim Battlefield 1 PC

Steps to Claim the Battlefield 1 for free From Any country For Free Without Credit Cards :

 Step 1 : 

Get a USA Mobile number using the TextNow .

 Step 2: 

Connect to USA using any vpn.

 Step 3: 

Create account on using your gmail or temp mail.

 Step 4: 

 Add payment method in ur account.(If u have ur own credit card)

Step 5: 

If you dont have credit card : 


Use below Bin to generate credit cards.

Bin : 515462001xxxxxxx


: Video Tutorial for Step 5 :

 HD Video Here :  Download Here (Its blurred due to some limitations here)

 Step 6: 

Use the card details and complete the process in of adding payment method.

USA Address :

600 N. San Fernando Blvd.
(818) 842-4532

Step 7: 

Now go to prime video and get a tial of prime subscription for 30days with the card u added in step 5.

Step 8: 

Now go to prime gaming and claim ur game key, and activate it in Origin Game Client.


-: Golden TIP :-

1. Ensure VPN is always on.

2. use "incognito mode" in chrome for full process (until claiming game key)

3. after signing up in amazon by us phone number, go directly to "gaming amazon com" do not claim the "30 day free trial" if you did it will not work and you have to make account again.
4. Put the Virtual Card details from namsogen and random new york street address "
5. activate ur prime gaming directly and claim your game enjoy


Complete step by step Guide to claim the game in video Format :

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  1. Bhai lagta hai Amazon vale samaj Gaye abhi free trial par sign in karna padta hai aur sign in karne par account hold par dal dete hai

  2. Bhai aapko kya laga hame ye idea nahi aaya hoga ki Fake Card aur Fake email se Free trial karva le VPN chalu karke..
    Juggad ka bg music daal rahe ho jaise aapko hi pata hai kaise karna hai ��

    1. irony dekh fir bhi video dekh rha hai pata hai fir bhi ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Textnow is not working for me..Unfortunately, we're unable to assign you a phone number. Try again later. this error is showing

    1. im getting the same error. where r u from?

    2. Clear the storage and cache from the app. And use a VPN (it worked for me).

  4. bro plz give me i really want

  5. Bhai aapki golden tip bhi try karli magar not working๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

    1. Bhai debit card se claim card sakte hai kya??

  6. bhai trial nahi aa raha hai 4 browsers me try kiya maine aur agar bina trial ke kare to acc hold pe jaa raha hai